When life gives you wood scraps...

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... make something new out of it. 

With all of the talk of "upcycled" and "reclaimed" wood projects filling the Pinterest and Instagram world, I have started a little bit of a push back: "claimed wood." I bought it at the lumbar yard for a project... I used it for the intended purpose, and now I have some left over.

Reclaiming it sounds like somehow got it away from me in the first place! So here is a "claimed" wood piece - a TV Console. This whole piece cost about $60 in materials. I had left over 2x10 ends and a number of left over 2x6 scraps. I also had a TV that was sitting on Media Console taking up TOO MUCH OF THE ROOM.

This 45 degree angled piece is exactly measured for my 42" TV, holds a sound bar (or a DVD player) and has plenty of room in the back to hide my Monster PowerStrip. And with some Rustoleum Ultimate Dark Walnut stain and Satin Polyurethane - it looks great.

Materials list was remnant 2x10, 2x6, four angled top plates and four cheap unfinished 12" pine legs. Tools like a drill, miter saw, Kreg jig, and a sander are within most hobbists reach.

No one even has to know I used scraps from my woodshop floor!