Screened in Patio

Submitted to Community Chat

Liza asked me if I ever finished our screened in patio project, which I have for the most part.  I temporarily hung paint cloth curtains, but when I find some appropriate fabric that is bright and  screams out to me, I plan to replace them.  We had to put plastic over the screens at one end, because every time it rains the wind was blows from that end and was getting everything wet.  It hasn't come in anywhere else.  The buckets on the table are because we have a leak in the roof pending the arrival of a roofer to repair it.  It rarely rains in California, but every time I set up an appointment, it rains.  The birds in one photo are actually for our front yard, but I haven't decided just how to place them yet.  My computer died on me and I haven't been able to get online as often - it has finally been replaced.  I've completed a lot of projects, but just haven't been able to post.