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He now moves properly. I am going to give a parts rundown on what is commercially available just in case someone wants to duplicate what I have done.

Flysky FS-T6 combo 6 channel.

Sabertooth 2x25 dual motor controller

Generic used power chair. Dual motor style required.

2 U1R lawn tractor batteries.

Lots of 12 ga. THHN stranded wire and n various colors.

4 pack generic standard servos for r/c.

10 pack male to female servo extension cable.

2 packs #40 roller chain be (10ft in each pack)

3 sections schedule 80 PVC electrical conduit.

At least 200 10/24x1 1/4 screws with nylock nuts.

4 lbs 1/4-20 nuts and bolts in various lengths.

If anyone wants wiring schematics let me know. I can also send you info on how to set up a sabertooth.

I will also add to this list as I build the blade assembly.