Unexpected suspected moisture problem?

Submitted to Product Chat

Hello experts. Unusual finding noted this year 4-5 years after build. It could have been present before in very mild discreet way.
This problem may be out of your realm as it is exterior furniture seal related.

My ski chair build has sustained an unexpected and unattractive problem. Particularly seen in the black skis only- apparently moisture has migrated underneath the ski seal to become an unattractive distracting presence.

I am fairly certain I filled all of the unused binding holes completely with epoxy putty with initial build.

I did not treat the newly drilled holes ( bolted together) used to build the ski chair.
The skis that were actually cut to make the chair parts were not sealed or treated either —-at the cut that forms the seat junction L-shaped connection.

Is there something you could suggest for preventing this —-if —-I do consider replacement of the affected not-so-pretty black skis?
Strangely its only the upright black skis only —both the black ski horizontal seat and reverse white side are completely fine.

The ski chair is housed under our deck partially protected at all times. I was trying to limit a potential fading exposure.
We do have a humid micro climate and all 4 seasons here in Central Virginia. Most mornings there are droplets or dew hanging on our deck railing.

I am about to put my spar Varathaned wooden water ski table out in the elements— now I am doubly concerned.

Further information might be found here.

I am thinking hoping this is ski chair issue likely is a cosmetic problem -perhaps- a resulting integrity breach-and maybe..... not a structural issue.

The great news is the pressure treated wooden leg fabrication painted with Black gloss UltraCover looks absolutely fabulous.

THANKS for your time and trouble to review my weird predicament.