Basket rehab—-basket dandruff

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Hello. Looking for an optimal approach to help fixing- sealing this wicker type basket with recommended sealer/paint products.

This second hand basket was cleaned but I believe it might….. need further help to rehab the unstable finish prior to repainting.
It continues to have a slight problem…a minor dusty dandruff paint chipping off as it sits undisturbed.
Prior washing and gentle brushing was done after purchase.
I am not sure maybe the brief moisture wash made things worse causing this situation but the dust and dirt needed to go.

Would you suggest prepping this basket prior to painting and what sort of paint would be the most suitable option for this type of wicker basket?
Confused with options I didn’t know if a spray primer 123 or shellac would be a good sealer option or not or if a chalk paint or spray paint-alone would adhere well enough as not to be flaking further.

Thank you for your help — sure hoping to do this the right way —the first time —with your guidance makes a happy result possible. Much appreciation for this opportunity.