A True DIY Project

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Stair steppers, Treadmills, ellipticals, whatever. You will often find them under about 8 pounds of ignored clothes after three weeks. My daughter does use our treadmill pretty often and my Wife uses it on weekends that she is not playing tour guide at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park. To me “walking” three miles and going nowhere makes no sense. The day of the auto accident I weighed 215 and was walking for 50 minutes every work day during lunch. During “recovery” from the accident I started hiking trails with my (super guy) chiropractor. We often hiked a moderate difficulty 5.6 mile Iron Mountain Trail here in San Diego with a vertical elevation change of 1,184 feet, which is deceptive because you would go up twenty feet then down thirteen and up thirty and down twelve type thing. Round trip was in the 2:25 range. The view from the top is AWESOME.

I HATE KNEE RAISERS where we are stepping over rocks or climbing “stairs” with 15-18” rises per step. Then I got stopped from walking or hiking where I could fall or bash my head due to “degraded medical conditions.” Three and a half years after the accident I weighed 256. About three weeks ago I had another doctor’s appointment and the conversation was the same – limited activity – do not expose yourself to anything that could result in a fall and do not be where you could be in a bind if you lose sight in your right eye. AND, lose weight. DOC, I AM TIRED OF YOU TELLING ME NO!!! I love to walk. I loved to run and ran a lot into my late 50s. Just not on the steel deck of an aircraft carrier.

I had been walking Puppy (Kidji) to the corner and back six to eight times a day. I looked at the scale, 256, and said “Screw it.” Now it is up the hill six, eight, or ten times a day – double trips. The first with the Puppy and then one without her. It wears her nails down to the quick, the meat in the nails and is therefore painful. Two weeks of walking, I am eating more, and went from 256 to 248.

And the clothes on the elliptical are undisturbed in their existence. (We do have an elliptical and our daughter uses it quite often.)

Liposuction is not physical fitness, neither are those fat reducing supplements. DIY – I love walking, beneficial to the heart, the air is good, the view is great, the Puppy thinks it’s cool, shoemakers appreciate it (especially around the holidays), and the neighbors say “hi.” AND, you can use the money saved to go out to dinner more often. (Or buy tickets to the Cubbies games.)