Need Help On Counter Top

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Hey peeps, I need help! About a month and a half ago I bought another brand of paint (gasp) that I saw on Hometalk. They did a great presentation on how to paint your counter tops and at the time I was looking to redo our 1965 formica counter tops with out spending an arm and leg! Asking questions before I bought the product (like can I clean with 409, like I do now on the formica top and about the water being on it for clean up etc.) and having them answer I felt confident to buy this paint (from Heirloom Traditions). Soooooooooo fast forward to today and I found some water that had stayed on the counter top for almost a day under our coffee maker :0( You guessed it, left a great big watermark and took off some little pieces here and there. I have 3 layers of the gloss top coat that they recommended. So I got ahold of HT and the lady was real sweet and stated that if you leave any water on paint or this top coat that yes, it will do exactly what I just explained to you! But lady..... you just did a video on showing us how to repaint these formica counter tops to look like stone or slate or whatever you want to call it and said we would be happy with the results and it would last for a long time..............

So, sorry for the lenghty story but what can I put on top of the gloss coat as they call it without redoing this whole mess (which I had to do on half of it anyway). Any suggestions?? Went to Home Depot and they weren't sure if some of the finishes that are available and clear can be put on top of the finish I already have without eating through it! They did tell me that the Rust-oleum product for the garage might work but at $200 I am not willing to gamble!

I must tell you that when I first got this product from HT, I followered the video to a T on how do do each step. BUT because one of the steps did not work I had to buy more product from them to finish the counter tops which now is up to $200. I feel defeated!

This product has a primer to bond to the counter top, liquid was to mimic the slate and water based top coat gloss to seal it. 

Please help and Rust-oleum, if you are reading this, I could use your help or suggestions without redoing the counter tops.

Thank you in advance!