Transformation: Epoxy Enamel does it again. Looks much better 😃

Submitted to Community Café

Restoration -transformation - touch up = the many helpful adventures of epoxy touch up continue.

My Dansko clogs have look shabby and unappealing look for many years. The edge binding on these leather clogs failed. 

I’ve tried to repair them in the past with fabric type craft paint -I tried using the slick squeeze bottle shiny paint and it failed pretty quickly cracking and falling off. 

Having nothing to lose I tried black epoxy appliance enamel in the touch up bottle and it’s been tried and tested for weeks now including running all over Costco today and the repaired finish is intact.

So glad I don’t have to wear my peeling crackled clogs anymore.
The shoes are particularly popular in the medical field -very pricey and the quality has fallen significantly over the past years. For shoes that cost approximately $125 or more -it is a big disappointment.
Looking at some user reviews I read that the soles can 💥explode💥 on certain models. I hope I don’t have that to look forward to. I certainly don’t plan on purchasing any more of these shoes. Happy to have them looking good again so I can wear them until they’re completely worn out thanks to Rust-Oleum epoxy blacks help patching them up.

Three other recent uses:
1-Also for a tiny touch up for a drapery mounting hardware-
we used our own longer screw to mount the rod holder the the silvertone screw head touch up was helpful for more discrete installation. 

2-I am putting a new windsock outside and I wanted to put a bead on the end of the S hook to fashion a stopper. This will keep the windsock on the S hook. The raw wooden bead was glued on and painted black to perfectly match the S hook. Now there’s a color coordinated bead there to keep the windsock weighted anchored on windy days. Sometimes the winds can take down both the S hooks and wind spinners/windsocks. Now with the weighted hook attachment the windsock won’t be able to fly away on its own in a kite fashion.

3- I am epoxy puttying a worn out joint to repair my broken mini garden flag holder. The gray putty repair will be touched up after it fully cures. 

PS check out these gasoline prices at Costco today...not getting out much I was pretty amazed.....