Dr. Seuss themed first birthday party...all made on the cheap!

Submitted to Community Café

My niece recently turned one so my sister had a Dr. Seuss themed birthday.  I was seriously excited because I needed a reason to make time to craft! <3

I have already posted how I made the cupcake stands, so now you can see how it turned out with cupcakes.

My mom made the 1 cookies..it was her first attempt at doing the fancy frosting (she actually watched youtube videos on techniques! In a million years I did not expect to here my mom tell me she looked up and watched youtube videos on something!!).

I got some of the ideas off of pinterest, so I will not take credit for the adorable Lorax..but it was easily made with card stock and orange Kool aid.  The straw holder was a popcorn holder I found in the dollar bin, with a punch covering the word popcorn.

The hop on pop corn was just small bags leftover from her baby shower that had popcorn and the card stock was printed with an image found online.

The kbobs were also found on pinterest, just strawberries and bananas on a lollipop stick. We figured those were safer than skewers.  The frame is a dollar tree frame that I spray painted in Apple Red. 

The goldfish was an image I found online and I just added another line that said gold fish.  It is also inside a dollar tree frame that was spray painted, this time in Oasis.

The cupcake toppers were from a series of images that some shared that I printed out. I used a circle punch to punch the image, then taped on the lollipop stick. I then used pop dots to add it to another scalloped punch that was slighly bigger than the circle.

The one was this 1.99 package of three 1's I found at tuesday morning that were for making mini pinatas.  I spray painted them on the sides and back and then took one of the images from online and copied an pasted in a line, then grouped that and copied and pasted until I had made my own "cardstock" design, then cut it to size. 

The table with the book has an image that someone had graciously posted online and shared for others to download, I just added my niece's name at the bottom. 

The photo spot were also dollar store scores.  The Truffella trees are dollar swim noodles that I added black duct tape to.  I then added the set of two big poofs you can get at dollar tree to the top  I did use both that came in the package to make them more fluffy.  The tassels were a dollar tree decoration and the circles were from Walmart.  Not sure if you can see it in the pic, but there is another one of the 1st hanging there.  We had an instant camera were we took pics and hung them from the photo line.   I incuded a truffela close up so you could see it. 

This was an idea that I recycled from her baby shower.  This time I had mini truffella trees.  The bases are wine bottles that are covered in the twine you can buy on the cheap at home depot.  I then spray painted the tops from pink to red.  The sticks are the same dowels I used at the shower, but I spray painted them black this time.  I used yellow washi tape to make the lines.

I then just copied two sayings that other's had shared online and printed them out to add on both sides.  As people took their pics, we added them across  Not sure how well you can see from that pic since the background is so busy.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I'm all about crafting on the cheap and reusing items and repurposing them. 

Thanks for looking!