Sandbox project

Submitted to Community Chat

The plans I was following were a little off on the number of top boards but I've added the needed extra boards to complet the project and not shorten the base. the covered Sandbox lid opens up to form two seats. It's not complete in these photos. I'm currently staining and sealing it with Thompsons water seal. before final assembly with all the hinges and handels in  place. I'll post a completed photo once it's finished. I hope my grand children will enjoy it for years. It is now completed. I assembled the top it two pieces witht he hinges for each side and trasported the bottom in pieces with the top to my daughters house and did the final assembly there. I had stained all the parts before final assembly. Now it just needs sand and I'm starting on my next projects. A frog planter, Turtle planter and two horses made out of landscape timbers. I'll post photos of them as they get done.