Insanity or Perfectly Planned

Submitted to Community Café

So I have this hutch, that was so generously given to us by my favorite Aunt.  The hutch is more than 30 years old is extremely heavy and is just SOLID.  BUT it has that typical laminate stuff over the wood.  My initial thought is that I want to separate the two halves.  Change the hardware, paint it a nice grey with chalk paint (I haven't like any I have used just yet but I want to try the Rustoleum Chalk Paint), remove the glass and put in some wire (but not chicken wire because that is round and not a straight line and it would drive me crazy), put some bun feet on the bottom of the top hutch and do something with the backing like cover it in red.  The bottom is pretty much getting the same paint treatment and I think I am going to make it into a side board for my dining room.  Although I think black and a really nice wood stain on the top.  My husband thinks I am absolutely insane. AM I?  Any other thoughts suggestions, products???