Wood Slice Christmas Tree Ornament

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I LOVE decorating for the holidays <3 

Grab a tree trunk, or branch and get sawing some slices! 
Lay a slice over grid paper, trace the outer shape, cut it out, & then from point to point, create your design.
Lay the design over your slice & using a permanent marker, press down on each point.
Remove the paper & drill out the holes.
Spray Paint it black & let it dry.
Dab your finger in white paint and smudge it over the top creating that chalkboard effect. Let it dry.
Thread some embroidery floss onto a strong metal needle & sew, sew away! (I added some clear glass beads)
Make a larks head knot using jute or sisal rope, top it with a bead and tie it off. 
To hide the mess in the back, lay the slice over felt, trace it, cut it, & hot glue it on.
Now for the best part! Hang it on your lovely tree for all to see. These even make great name tags on gifts <3