Creator's Studio Update

Submitted to Community Café

Creator's Studio is back online after the latest regularly scheduled maintenance. Our development team has been working on upgrades to the community and we're happy to share a new feature with you.

In the past, it hasn't always been easy to follow a conversation thread in the comments - that changed today with the upgrade (see the photo in the carousel above). Here's what's changed:

  • you can now easily see what and who someone has replied to. This makes it much easier to follow a particular conversation or sub-conversation.
  • Comments can now more easily spin off into more manageable sub-conversations and even sub-sub conversations. (If there are a lot of sub-conversations created it will spin off into a separate thread, although you can always easily go back to the main conversation.)
  • The "like" button has been replaced by an "upvote" button, but it works pretty much the same.

We're excited about this new update, and hope you enjoy the new features!