Post holiday Clearance deals- Glitter removal

Submitted to Community Café

I found a few antler ornaments and some holiday pics on 75% off clearance. Glitter always bothers for extended display past December.
find glitter removal is a must and replacement with paint to be my preference. I found that boiling water can distort hollow plastic items. My fix last year was a nail polish remover soak. The soaking in the nail polish remover sloughs the glitter and glue right off. It can be used over and over returned to the nail polish remover bottle for future glitter elimination uses.
( glitter sinks to the bottom of soak container and can be separately discarded.)

I had hoped to do this with the Dollar Tree glittered script Merry Christmas sign but never got around to it. I think it might look better with paint. Maybe next year. 

Additionally after removal -a higher quality or custom color glitter application could be considered as an alternative.

If presenting glitter appearance bothers you-  think about possible removal as you are scanning the holiday clearance merchandise available .