New Scarecrow face mask created with Testors acrylic

Submitted to Community Café

Sad little scarecrow thrifted halfprice for $.50. Decided to update existing pumpkin head to generic autumn scarecrow. Just like in the Wizard of Oz my scarecrow was refurbished.

Scrap piece of canvas salvaged from rotted boat cover painted into scarecrow face using Testors craft matte acrylics.
Scarecrow received newly created clothes/hat, jute twine ties and horizontal arm support bracing.
Now on duty……updated Halloween wreath to transitional fall look to last to the next holiday.

Note: while I needed a project to reuse my salvaged canvas a dollar tree white sock could be an easier material to fit over an existing head or to make your own scarecrow from scratch.

Painted craft stick sign from previous year was reused