Team Plaques - Even more

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Making the plaques out of repurposed wood was pretty cool. Joint one side smooth then plane the other side to common thickness and then the table saw to give them straight sides. One more to go that is not team associated for middle Daughter. It is an integrated Family. Wife is a big Chicago White Sox fan. She is from the south side of Chicago and they gave her free tickets for perfect attendance in grammar school. I am a Chicago Cubs fan and also from the south side of Chicago. We figured this out later, we never lived more than five miles apart but did not meet until she was seventeen (weeks shy of her 18th birthday and weeks shy of my 19th birthday) and I was eighteen through work. The Cubs had better commercials.

Oldest Daughter, born in Japan while stationed there with the Navy, is a big Chicago Bears fan even though she has had limited time in Chicago.

Youngest Daughter, also born in Japan while on our second tour there, is a big San Diego Padres fan.

The family is pretty much San Diego Padres fans since they are now the “hometown team.” We used to be interested in the Chargers and then lost all faith several years ago when it became apparent they did not want San Diego.

The letters are all outlined by stencil and then hand painted. The logos and symbols are outlined to the outer, greater dimensions and hand painted for detail. All the detail paint is acrylic art paints and then all the plaques are given four or more coats of clear gloss Rust-Oleum Varathane. Sanding between each coat until the plaque is smooth to the touch. All have wires behind them for hanging.

One of the neighborhood kids is making a team plaque for Father’s Day. (At this rate, Father’s Day 2025.)