Updated Kitchen with Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations

Submitted to Community Café

My husband and I have been remodeling our kitchen over the past couple of months and one of the updates was painting our cabinets. We had orangey wood cabinets from the 60's that did not match our style. I used the Cabinet transformation kit and I wanted to share my experience. The kit is awesome because it comes with everything you need...deglosser, rags, scrub sponges, paint, and top coat. I was amazed at the dirt and grime that came off my cabinets! I used a brush for the paint and it went on really smooth leaving almost no brush strokes by the time I completed the second coat. The top coat gives it a nice finish and protects the paint.
I cannot speak to how it holds up yet since I just completed my kitchen, but I am happy with the kit and how the cabinets turned out and would recommend it. I used Seaside Gray if you are interested. You can see my entire kitchen update here: http://www.realgirlsrealm.com/2019/05/mcm-kitchen-reveal-ish-one-room.html