Another Great Find!!

Submitted to Community Café

Yesterday I found this cheese round at Goodwill. I got it for 4.99 and I found a few other things. Early this morning I went to work on it and I was so happy at the end results.

I used Rust-Oleum Serenity Blue chalked paint on the bottom and Hazey a grey Testor’s acrylic craft paint on the top. I used a new stencil I got, white acrylic Testor’s craft paint and Serenity Blue and English Mustard chalked paints to stencil the top. It was a quick and easy project and now I have another piece to decorate with. That’s how I started doing DIY, just because I needed things to decorate my house. Still that remains the main reason I do these projects.I hope you like this cheese round. It’s a welcomed addition to my decorating inventory!!:)