Painted wood care options?

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Hello. I have another problem to possibly correct I hope you don’t mind the imposition of another product use and care question. 

I have a lineup of nutcrackers displayed ( climate controlled) on a shelf along a staircase.
For some reason unknown to me only one of the nutcrackers has sustained a striated vertical crazing on the upper most part of the nutcracker- located in the hat. This was not photograph prior to the restoration sorry. For some reason- this occured-strangely the other parts of the painted nutcracker including the sword and shield ( nearly same colors) and natural wood sealed parts are unaffectived and remain perfectly intact.

As I am trying to restore the paint job I was wondering at completion - if they were any suggestions for painted wood sealing- If something could protect them from further crazing or other age related deterioration damages? Are there paint on sealers or I was wondering about Varathane finishing wax if that would be an appropriate suggested preventative measure to take?
I wouldn’t want to do something to cause further damage or add excessive moisture but provide protection and conservation.

With nutcrackers layered decorative elements to include  fur —a spray on sealer might be a challenging option.

Thank you for your time and trouble to read this and I appreciate your vast product knowledge and expert opinion greatly. Edit I am from NY and we grew up say you-guys to both men and woman universally! No offense intended on trying to compliment your amazing product knowledge.