Antique Corn Sheller

Submitted to Community Café

Recently I finished restoring an antique wine press that I posted in the working with wood section. When I acquired the press, I also inherited an antique, A.H Patch Black Hawk 1903a Corn Sheller. I forgot to take before pictures of the piece, but if you've checked out the wine press post, it wasn't in as bad of shape as that, but not good either.  I realize for the antique purist out there that my messing with it might be considered blasphemy. If that describes you, please accept my apologies, and please keep the lectures to a minimum. For others that might be interested, I posted during and finished photos. All that is left is to build a wooden box to bolt it to. I used naval jelly and a boatload of elbow grease to remove the rust and tarnish. I used rustoleum spray primer and metallic rustoleum spray paint. I used acrylic craft paint on the lettering. Does anyone know if using rustoleum spray clearcoat would be a good application for this project?