Why pay $200 for something like this?

Submitted to Community Café

I've been slacking a bit on posting, but not on making things!  LOL  I decided I did not want to buy a big sign to go up on the ledge that lines our entrway area when I can make it myself (I'm sure we all have this problem...ha!)  Anyway, this is made from plywood and 1x2 frame.  I painted the plywood white, created the lettering on my computer, and then projected it onto the white plywood with a projector.  I traced the letters out, then used the acrylic pen I got from Rustoleum to outline the letters, then painted in with some craft acrylic I already had.  After it was dry, I roughed up the lettering with some light sanding.  The frame is stained with Varathan Briarsmoke and attached with some brad nails.  I LOVE HOW IT TURNED OUT!!!!!