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Update: Masterforce sent me a brand new grinder, and sent me a postage paid box for the damaged one so their engineering department could inspect it to figure out where to make improvements. I will be buying this brand from now on.



Okay folks, I've never seen this mentioned, but please, PLEASE follow proper safety protocols.

I bought a new bench grinder yesterday, took it home, put it together, and turned it on. My grandfather always beat it into my head to stand to one side when starting up any kind of high speed tool. I did, and everything sounded fine.

I started to sharpen a pair of hedge clippers and the wheel eploded. I had all of the guards in place properly, which probably saved my life. However the bottom part of the guard ruptured due to one of the pieces being very large.

I always wear heavy tactical boots when working because I have arthritis in both ankles and it helps support them. My foot caught that large part of stone.

The doctor said I would have lost my foot without them. The boot held together, but I now have a broken foot, and a severe pressure sore on the top of my foot. I also have a large hole in my shed floor.

PLEASE check your tools carefully every time you start using them. It may save your life. I have a picture of my foot, but I'm not posting it here. Just be careful!