Convenient Interchangeable Kitchen Command Center

Submitted to Community Chat

I made this cute Kitchen Command Center with Kona stain for the outside frame and Sunbleached Stain for the backdrop. I also used Chalked Spray Paint in Coastal Blue for the frame, Blush Chalked Spray Paint for the pen and pencil holders, and Serenity Blue Chalked Spray Paint for the shelf! Plus, I used Chalkboard spray paint and Dry Erase paintto make a convienient grocery list and daily to do list. 

It's the perfect way to stay organized for a busy mom! Plus each of the contents in each frame is interchangeable and a standard paper size of 8 1/2 by 11! All you have to do is slip them out the top and slip the next one in easily. You can display kids' art projects for a time, and then switch it out for something else down the road.