More Snow People!

Submitted to Community Café

I just adore the little log snowmen. I wasn't going to make them this month but I received so many requests (aka -paid orders) so I decided to get busy.  I had the round log slices left from last season so that was a start. I've revised the way I make them each season, trying to improve the design.  I now use small dowels to join the body together plus I screw the hat to the brim in addition to using glue.  I also like the way they look with a quick whitewash as opposed to keeping them natural.

I've used small pebbles for the eyes in the past, but found they didn't always adhere properly. So this time I used the plugs that came with the dowels! I drilled a shallow 1/2" hole for the eyes then set them in with glue. The nose is also made from a dowel cut in half, then painted orange.  Look at the mess on my dining room table! I was finishing up the details over the weekend. Last count was 45, whew!

I love the black Ultra Cover Painter's Touch for the hats, it really covers and dries quickly. I used the same paint in the white to white wash bodies.