Succulent Pinecone Wreath

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I have to say this is one of my favorite but most time consuming wreaths I've ever made, but I just love it! And it matches my milk can :) ! I started with 20" branch wreath form and hot glued Spanish moss all the way around it covering most I've the wreath form. Then I used Acrylic paints in many colors and painted various sizes of pine cones, if they were too big, I cut them in half with loppers, and on some of them I used upside down because they looked more like succulents that way. I tried to duplicate the colors the best that I could, but I was basically just winging it on the colors. Since it would be hanging outside, I sprayed the whole thing with Rustoleum Polycrilic. Oh, and I don't have pine trees in my yard, so I bought the cinnamon scented ones you can get at the dollar store this time of year and even though I made it about a month ago, you still get a whiff of cinnamon going in and out of the door, I love it!