July 4th Independence Day!

Submitted to Community Chat

I had so much fun creating these centerpieces and candle holders! The candle holders were 4x4" posts. (left over from pergola). I started by painting the post completely with Rustoleum White blossom. When dry,  I then taped of the part for the blue, and continued down on top of the white, making stripes with the Frog tape 1 7/8". I then painted on the stars with a stencil.

For the 3 firecrackers, I used 4 toilet paper rolls, 3 coordinating papers, rope,  skewers, or straws, and a hole puncher. I  took a fourth and traced a circle from a TP roll and cut out 3 circles. I glued them to the top of each TP roll, after putting the rope thru to look like a fuse. I then wrapped the TP rolls with the paper. 

For the flowers: I thought you would like to see what you can do with toilet paper rolls, some left over paper, Q- tips, and a Pretzel bucket:I think it is adorable and makes a cute centerpiece! To make this you start with about 8 empty toilet paper rolls, or a couple of paper towel empty rolls. You can see below. To make the flowers, you cut the toilet paper roll in half. Then you cut each in half again to make 4 pieces. There you have your petals. You put 4 of them together with white glue, pin with paperclip, clothespin, etc till they dry. For the leaves, you cut one of the pieces 3 times. 

You can see above…the thin ones to the far right are the leaves. I painted them easily with acrylic paint. I tried once spray painting, but didn’t take the color well.

You can use a skewer, straw or stick for the stems. I then shredded up left over paper from the firecrackers and previous projects. I took a Pretzel container, you know those big plastic ones, and cut off about 2/3. I then took Mod Podge and spread on the outside of the plastic. I then took a couple of napkins with the flag on it, and  placed them on careful not to wrinkle too much.

Pinwheels garland....For this project you will need Scrapbook pages in patriotic colors. You start by cutting the paper in half. Take one half  and start at the widths end, and fold under and fold back over  like you’re making a fan. Then you fold it in half again, and press down on the folded part really hard with your fingers to strengthen that fold. Be sure the ends line up with each other and glue the ends together. You can use Aleenes tacky glue or hot glue

You can see the full tutorials on my website.