Pumpkins 4 Ways - #1 Pumpkin Pour Over

Submitted to Community Café

Grab a few colors of craft paint and a base coat (if you prefer).  We added a glitter sparkle to the base for a little more pizzazz.

Step 1:  If you choose, paint your pumpkin in any color you choose.

Step 2: Shake a bottle of Testors Craft Paint and pour near the top of the pumpkin letting it drip down the sides.  (NOTE:  If the paint seems too thick add a small amount of water and shake it up….if it is too runny it will not result in bold colors so do not over thin.)

Step 3:  Continue to pour additional colors onto the pumpkin allowing it to run down the sides.

Tricks and Tips

If you want your stem to stay brown, tape it off before pouring.

If your paint needs a little help "running", lightly twirl it from the stem or softly tap the bottom to help the paint fall.

This pumpkin will take a while to dry due to the layers of paint.  Be sure to set on something that can catch the excess paint.