Help I Need MORE Rust-Oleum Products In My Life

Hey Brandon, welcome to the family!!!
So I live in the furthest NE Oklahoma corner possible. No matter what direction I go I'm in another state.. I have several (6) Lowe's, a Home Depot, and too many WalMart Supercenters too count. But it seems none of them every carry the awesome new products from Rust-Oleum or anyone else. I have tried to request products in the past at our Lowes in Grove, Ok with zero luck, I can't even get them to order me Rust-Oleum Hammered Spray Paint.
Where can I purchase Rust-Oleum products online, in store ???I have no issues drive 90 miles one way to Tulsa, OK if I know the store has it. I just really want my Rust-Oleum products. Our Lowes had the garage floor coating, and a week later I go back to buy 4 boxes for our garage and shop floors. Poof they had pulled them off the shelf and would not sell them to me even though I could see them at the counter.. I get so irritated, I seen products I would love to try or just need more of,never fails I can't find it at any store even the mom & pop stores around us...
I literally only buy Rust-Oleum products,so needless to say I have several projects just setting waiting because I can't find more of a product I need or the product I want for the project..