Submitted to Community Café

I just finished painting 12 luminous Ghosts. I will give them away in sets of three....

My family and friends have been asking me to make these so I made 4 more sets.

I had the homemade stencils from the first set I made last year and I used clear sided jars. The rest is just spray paint. The inside of the jars I did in Rust-Oleum 2X Sun Yellow Gloss. Then I used Rust-Oleum 2 X White Gloss just where the ghost would go. Then the stencil and Rust-Oleum Stops Rust black gloss just enough to outline the ghost and fill in its eyes and mouth. I used silver Testors enamel to do the eye details this year.

I used two glow sticks in each one. Note: the thinner you can keep the paint the better the jars glow. The back of the jars will glow yellow.