Super Glaze Seaside Art Piece

Submitted to Community Chat

A few weeks ago, I received 3 boxes of Rust-Oleum's Super Glaze in Turquoise*. I glued down several raggedy wood boards to another raggedy piece of wood and let dry. I then used a damp paper towel and dipped it into some Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint in Linen White and rubbed that over the boards. Next step was adding some painters tape all around the edges and bottom. I poured some Rust-Oleum Craft & Hobby Imagine Glitter in Aqua to simulate a gentle wave, and then drizzled some white acrylic paint over that. Using a heat gun I spread the white paint into the glitter paint and let dry. Then I poured the mixed Super Glaze onto the board, and sprinkled some white glitter to simulate the edge of a rippling wave. Before the Super Glaze began to set I added the seashells and a dried cholla (it's not a beach thing, but I added it just because it looks cool). I let it dry for 3 days then removed the tape. Here comes the happy accident ~ I was intending to put a white painted wood frame around it, but the sides were all catawampus and the frame wasn't going to work. So I hot glued twine around the sides which was the perfect finish!

*Please note that the actual color is very blue and not at all turquoise!