Light Bulb Vase Stand

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I saw this idea on eBay and was in LOVE! Luckly my neighbor had just tossed out a bunch of 1x1's and I already had everything else. I was all in from there <3


  • 1"x1" wood (ONE 11", ONE 9", & FOUR 6 & 1/2")
  • Wire Coat Hanger
  • 2 Globe Light Bulbs (more just incase you break them...although I did see some plastic ligh bulbs at Hobby Lobby that might work).
  • 6 Metal Nuts
  • 2 Rounded Cap Nuts
  • 6 Screws
  • Wood Glue
  • Spray Paint (I used Black and Copper)
  • Wood Conditioner & Stain
  • Drill & Drill Bit
  • Sander (I used my orbital sander)
  • Bead Reamer
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

I started by cutting the wood to size (The Front base is the 11" Piece + 2 of the 6&1/2" pieces & the Back base is the 9" Piece + 2 of the 6&1/2" pieces).

I sanded the tops of each 4 corners of the 6&1/2" pieces so that it would cone into a geometric shape and then pre-drilled a hole at the top and bottom of all 4 pieces. 

I used 2 of the screws to connect the front sides to the base piece and repeated that step for the back base and sides (A dab of wood glue gives added support). This created the boxy 'U' shape. I finished each section by conditioning and staining. 

While I waited for the stain to dry I cut the bottom off of the Wire Coat Hanger and spray painted it, the 6 Nuts, and the 2 Rounded Cap Nuts black.

I then cut out the inner workings of the light bulb and used a bead reamer to essentially bore a hole from one side of the light bulb's cap out through to the other side...this is when I realized that every time I was going to attempt this that the bulb would break away from the cap. This error gave me the oportunity to spray paint the caps copper and once they were dry I then used the handy dandy E-600 glue to put them back together. 

Push the wire through the pre-drilled hole in the left side of the front 'U' frame. In the middle add one nut, 1 light, 2 nuts, 1 light, 1 nut, and then out the pre-drilled hole at the end of the right side of the frame. Cut the ends of the wire and glue the ends of the Rounded Cap Nuts over both ends of the wire. 

Now that the front section is done, I attached the back section to the front by adding one Screw on the top inner left, a nut, and then a little below the top left of the front. I repeated that step for the right side and tada! I had a finished Light Bulb Vase Stand.