Oversized wall clock from repurposed coffee table

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I have a table top somewhat simliar to this picture.  I have removed the apron around the large top and would like to use it for a large wall clock - it's 36" in diameter.   I will be hanging the clock in my church's foyer or selling it on craigslist if it doesn't work there.  I do not have room to make it for myself but like the idea of repurposing it this way... BTW, my top is from a 1990's pressed oak coffee table...not an antique piece.  If I can't repurpose it - it would end up in the trash - which is where it was headed when a friend offered it to me!

Any ideas out there?  Pictures? Methods to try?  I don't plan to put a lot of money into this project - it's another one of my experiments - so I'm willing to try out ideas...thanks!