Welcome to Creator's Studio by Rust-Oleum

Unleash your creativity in a community of DIYers just like you!

Welcome to Creator's Studio by Rust-Oleum

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What Is It?

Welcome to the Creator’s Studio by Rust-Oleum community - an innovation center connecting people who are passionate about do-it-yourself paint and stain products to solve challenges in a collaborative, co-creation environment. Creator’s Studio is focused on sharing insights and ideas through engaging activities and innovation challenges. It offers you a space to come together with people that have just as much enthusiasm and passion for projects as you do.

How It Works

Connect, collaborate and innovate to solve challenges facing do-it-yourself paint and stain projects for home, hobby and automotive. Submit your ideas, vote on ideas and have your say!

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Rust-Oleum has the best customers in the world and creativity and a “do-it-yourself spirit” is at their core. What better way to drive product innovation than through the people that know us, and their needs, best? Join Creator’s Studio and bring your ideas to life.

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