Where are they now? Creator's Studio Challenge Winners Hall of Fame 🤩

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Check out this submission in the Creator's Studio 'Where are They Now' Challenge winners hall of fame!

Today we're spending time with @Wild Bill -- one of the first members to join Creator's Studio 🌟

 Check out the story of how he earned his title of "Krud Kutter King" 👑

"When KRUD KUTTER first came out Rust-Oleum sent out bottles for us to use. It just so happened that our church was having a big cleanup day so I took some with me. I would have never thought that it would have made such a big impact on the cleanup! For the challenge, I sent in my entry and WON 🏆! THEN @Chunky Mermaid made a picture of me with a crown 👑 on and that was my profile for a couple of years! LMBO! I have made so many GREAT FRIENDS on here that I would do anything for. In fact some have grown closer than my " in yo face " FRIENDS! LMBO!"

Which Challenges did you win?

It's Time to Kut the Krud

Turbo Tuxedo Challenge

Canmade Pride Challenge

Turbo Spray Truck Bed Challenge

What did you love and what were your struggles with these projects?

I think Time to Kut the Krud was my favorite because it brought all of us together.

Enquiring minds want to know -- what did you do with your prize winnings?!

LoLs! I held on to mine like the cards was the prize! I spilt it between Lowe's and Home Depot, (you know don't spend it all at one place or one time!) Can't remember exactly what I bought but it was on two or three trips and just flashing those cards had a story to tell.

Are you still DIYing?

Not near as much!

What projects do you currently have on the go?

A buffet table, three drawers on one side and a door with two shelves behind it on the other. In the center it has barn doors that open all the way across the whole buffet.

What's your favorite part of the Creator's Studio community? How would you describe this community to a friend?

The people! The experts and people who have an answer for any kind of problems you may have. Because of the growth being so fast with so many interesting things to cover that I think we kinda lost our way, BUT because so many people at Rust-Oleum care about this project that still with all the additional people they made it work! Congratulations to you all for making life a little easier for all of us.

Bonus: if you could dream up an epic DIY Challenge, what would it be? (And what 🏆 prizes would you offer?!)

If you want to do a pro, amateur, do them at different times. Let the pros pick the amateur and vice versa. By doing this we have more small challenges with less people to keep up with. I think more team challenges would help. Set the rules and NO changes for anyone! Prizes should always be Rust-Oleum swag of some kind. To me if you offer money you get people going to extreme to win at all costs! Making over half ineligible to participate.

Thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us @Wild Bill! Creators, check out Bill's profile to see the many amazing projects he's shared with us over the years.