Where are they now? Creator's Studio Challenge Winners Hall of Fame 🤩

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Check out this submission in the Creator's Studio 'Where are They Now' Challenge winners hall of fame! Today we're spending time with @Refuse Reuse. Check out the story of his cover image here



Which Challenge did you win?

Canmade Pride Challenge.

What did you love and what were your struggles with this project?

I just loved making something useful from trash.

Enquiring minds want to know -- what did you do with your prize winnings?!

I won a a Home Depot gift card, and bought a ceiling fan for my boys' bedroom.

Are you still DIYing?

Yes, always.

What projects do you currently have on the go?

I'm modifying an Urban Arrow electric cargo bike to look like Santa's sleigh, for someone else.

Feel free to post your social media links in here if applicable.

https://youtube.com: @TomPetersonRefuseReuse 

What's your favorite part of the Creator's Studio community? How would you describe this community to a friend?

I like having access to new Rust-Oleum products.

Bonus: if you could dream up an epic DIY Challenge, what would it be? (And what 🏆 prizes would you offer?!)

Trash to cash: find something in the trash/free and restore it and sell it. I'd offer spray paint as a prize.

Check out some of @Refuse Reuse's current projects below!