tool box of summer memories

Describe your project. How did it go? How did you embrace the theme of 'Hang on to Summer'? Did you enjoy working with the Color Shift paints?

Given the challenge I felt I needed something new. I did have some wood left over from a project that I had spent the summer working on so that was the place to start. I laid out a classic tool tote pattern attaching the sides with box joints, the sides trapped the bottom with a grove and the central handle used a through tenon. Once tool tote was glued up and the keys were inserted into the ends of the tenon the tote was rock solid, able to hold as many summer memories that I could cram into the tote.
I started by painting the tote a nice off white that reminded me of the days on the beach and then applied the color shift paint. Predictably the color shift was less than effective! The directions recommend using a black background but I went with a navy blue that gave me fantastic results. I really liked how the navy blue set off the turquoise water so I decided to also use the purple sunrise and the pink champagne to get a multi color shifting tote for my summer memories.