Yep! A bicycle!!

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Ok so this is my son, Bradley, he's an avid cyclist who averages riding 100-150 miles per week. At 22 he's a certified bike mechanic and has ridden to the top of Pike's Peak twice, the second time just two weeks ago on this one speed Trek gravel bike (I'd be too scared to even drive it, lol). When it comes to his bikes, money is not an issue, it's his passion.

Well he decided he wanted to paint this $4000 bike!!! Say what son?!? Are you crazy?!? He knows how much I use and love Rustoleum paints so of course that was his paint of choice. He took his bike apart, rigged it up to hang in the garage and went to spraying. So far, so good, it's drying ride now and then he's going to do some graphics in red.He loves the colors he chose and it's gonna look great!

I'll post an update when it's all done and reassembled!