Speaking of Gnomes!

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I can’t take the credit for this design. I only saw a video on YouTube and had to make a couple. My sister has a birthday on Christmas and she loves the gnomes so I wanted to make her one or two for her desk at work. You can get a better idea of this design if you go to “Gnomes made from Dollar Tree items” on YouTube, Crafty Sher Cupcake. 
I didn’t use any dollar store items to make these because they were all out of these supplies. The most important part of these adorable little guys are the boots. I got mine at the ornament section at Walmart, only 1.99. They only had two left. 
   My Gnomes are by far not as good as the ones in the video but I love them anyway. They were fun to make! If your asking what do they have to do with Rust-Oleum paint ??? Well, I painted the noses with Testor’s coral, acrylic craft paint of course!!:)