Been busy emptying rattle cans

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It's been a little while since I had a chance to post an update, never enough hours in the day. But here's a few pics of what's kept me so busy when I'm not at my day job. All of these are hydrodipped and were created using Rustolium products for my base & to coats. I pretty much dropped any other brand that I could replace with a Rustolium product especially focusing on the products I was using that were not made in the U.S.A. I just wish I could find a vendor locally that could provide me with ALL of Rustolium's product lines and colors. I use so many different types I usually have to go to 3 or more vendors to get what I need. The featured pic is the 2.0 version of the fuel door on my wife's Dodge Magnum. The first is the pink with a matte black ram. It was too much pink for the car which is a pearl black. The digiflage is the lid off a standard toolbox. It used over 4 different types of products including primers, 2X Coverage, High Heat & top coats. The hardhat is one of my favorites using metallic blue and a ton of clear. There's also pics of a set of grips, a holster, & the side panels off a computer mid-tower. Up coming projects are the fuel door & front grill assembly for a Dodge Ram 2500, a 97 Honda Accord full body kit, & more Yeti cups. Glad I'm getting a week off from my day job starting the 27th. :) No rest for the wicked. You can also track my work @