Artsy Wicker Table Has A Home! ( pictures)

Submitted to Community Chat

I’ve got the front porch pulled together. All the pieces I wanted to put together are there. You can see how the artsy table fits in. I painted the settee from tan to Rustic Orange. I’ve got the little bushes lined up and ready to be planted. There’s lots of hosta and lilies coming up. I’ve got the butterfly bench the butterfly window, the straw hat wreath, the black wicker chairs and the artsy table and the Rustic Orange settee. They all look great with the green ferns, gerbera daisies and salmon geraniums. Oh and I forgot to mention the Gloss black rocker with the big red cushion.
I’ve got birds nesting in the ferns already. What do you do. :) I’ve got flowers everywhere ready to be planted after the danger of the last frost has past. I’ve cleaned the beds and remulched. My husband pressure washed the house . He will also plant those bushes, I’m glad for that.:)  
We haven’t done the “Deck in one day yet.” Too much stuff coming off the trees right now. Probably this next weekend. So, that’s how it’s going so far. All the projects in this post were done with Rust-Oleum products. Hope you like it as much as we do!!:)