Care— can cleaning products offer scuff, mold and mildew resistance?

Hello Brent- we have a rather newly installed Trex Havana Gold stairway entry porch with white composite risers.

The photos here indicate recent cleaning,
Not the best documentation of my problem and only two photos can be posted.

These white risers seemingly look dirty and scuffed with gray black marks ( shoes? mold mildew? ) with minimal use. They were recently wiped down and we used a leaf blower to remove any debris or residue that was trapped in stair treads and cracks.

Since I’m new to composites ...Is there a cleaning product that can be used to provide a protective seal ( ArmorAll or wet n forget type that will not cause slipping or accidental falls) or is this an expected annoying fact to endure with white composite?

I never anticipated to be doing such frequent cleaning and care to the white risers. We transitioned from stain sealed pressure treated wood where disagreeable stains and scuffs were not a noticeable situation.

Thank you for your participation here and any suggestions and or education you can offer.
Kindest regards Karen