Blacksmith- forged hook- more rust problems- how to seal please?

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Hello! One more question for the experts please.

I have a blacksmith handcrafted S hook purchased at our local heritage history reenactment event.
Not knowing better.....I placed this S hook as received -outdoors to hang a succulent planter. With outdoor exposure- it has rusted.

After I clean off the rust what would be the best treatment for the hook to prevent rust from reoccurring in the 12 month outdoor exposure?
I have the aerosol never rust clear enamel spray as well as outdoor acrylic spar urathane on hand....if one of those might work?
Unless you feel like paint + sealer is the best option?

Thanks for you kindness to read about another nagging problem here.
Hoping to take better care of this handcrafted piece with your recommendation- if you might be able to help again.