B&W easy refurb

Submitted to Community Chat

$1.98 Plastic metallic raised letter sign from thrift store refurbished with black spray paint. The metallic presentation did not have enough contrast for easy ability to read wording. Needed an update -went with classic B&W chalkboard look.

Spray painted black with 2X and sponged white acrylic paint on the raised lettering.

Dabbed on white paint with a white wedge foam make up sponge. They’re great for economical reason, saving the wooden handled sponge brush for bigger projects. Sometimes I even cut them in half.
Do you use the wedge sponges too?

One of the easiest, effortless transformation ever.

Now waiting .....for the next day warm enough -to go outdoors to spray paint. Scanning weekly forecasts is a thing here. My daffodils are popping up with the seesawing trends in temperatures. Won’t complain— any winter that does not involve shoveling snow is fine with me.