Frog Pond

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I love these colors! I chose what I had on hand....Agua, Ocean Mist, Wildflower Blue, and Green Apple. I was going to make it a herb planter. But then a idea struck! Since the frogs were ready, I could make this a neat backdrop for them. Then I thought of making it a billboard with their stage names on it. I made the letters with the glass gems from the dollar store.

I remember seeing a sign in the dog section at a store, that I loved. It said' Sandy Paws and Salty Kisses'. It reminds me of the beach and my that's their names. LOL
Next week I am having a pool put in. I want the frogs by one area of the pool...this will look so cute by it, and warms up a corner. I decided to put it up temporary to see how it looked. I had added a net, shells, pearls, starfish and seahorses. I gathered the blue plastic tarp I had purchased at Walmart...$3....I racked away the small stones, and cut a oval shape, kinda. I added some gems to the pond...some rocks, Frog King, etc.

This is how it will sit for the next couple of weeks. I did put a solar spotlight on it for nighttime performances. It is positioned so when your sitting under the pergola, it's like they are performing for you! Imagination sparks creativity!

Now I have decided to build a herb garden on the back...double use!