Building a Character - Fire and Ice Crone

Submitted to Community Chat

I have no doubt I will be using Rust-Oleum products before this is complete, but so far just hot glue, nail polish and LED lights.  Our Regional Burningman event, Lakes of Fire, has the theme Fire and Ice.  My favorite creative art form is costuming and my friends enjoy the show.  So, I  am just beginning and my enthusiasm it growing!  I will update with progress photos. I plan to have a headpiece of fire and ice and that is where I will be using the lights.  Just experimenting to see how things look.

Started on the skirt pattern.  I am going for an ice shard laden ice mountain look.  It will have white lights to illuminate it that, if successful, will fade to shades of red and yellow that are a mix of steady and candle pulse.  My ice mountain will have a heart of fire!  Keeping fingers crossed!  ;)

Took a break from the skirt and started on the headpiece!  Added more icicles!

The fabric has arrived!  Sheer iridescent in white smooth and crinkle and blue mist crinkle over white crepe back satin.