“Kona” Toddler Chair Accents UPDATE!

Submitted to Community Chat

I felt I needed to finish off the Kona stained toddler chair. This is from my November submission called “I tried Kona”.
I went back and added more details using Testors acrylic craft paints. I also used a paint marker. I need to seal the acrylic paint with a flat brush on sealer. I haven’t the slightest which Rust-Oleum product I will use for this. I normally just spray on the sealer but in this case it’s winter and also I don’t want to spray the shine of the gloss Kona with the flat. So I need to brush it on. I just think it looks good with the accents being flat against the gloss of the polyurethane Kona. I’m going to ask an expert what kind of flat brush on sealer to use. I guess I’ve just never needed one.
I finished the chair with some added accents and the polyurethane finish in satin. I used the satin only on the acrylic paint areas, I wanted to leave the Kona super glossy. Update: The teal seat picture without the words is how it finally turned out. These were the last pictures I added. This ended up being a difficult project, I had to redo it several times.