Thanks, I ended up using the metallic spray paint

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Update: I tried a bunch of suggestions and different paints and markers.the one I was the happiest was the Rustoleum Metalilic spray paint. I need to finish the knobs on the top two drawers and she will be done. I think I’ll call her Stella. Thanks for the suggestions.

A friend gave me a dresser he was going to burn. When he showed me a photo of it and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.
I’ve gotten this far on the project by now
I need to add the chrome details around the headlights and windows, the area between the teal and white paint and add a VW emblem. Is there a paint anyone would recommend or use? I bought a liquid chrome marker but I’ve seen reviews stating it dulls easily and attracts finger prints. Is there a top coat I could use over the liquid chrome marker? I liked the marker concept for control.
Any ideas are greatly appreciated, thanks!