Let's Talk DIY Photography

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DIY is an artform - and we all know that the right photograph can take our hard work from looking good to looking great. We've collected a few blog links that have some excellent tips to help us mere mortals achieve a professional look. 


This author of this Houzz article likes to keep his camera low (40 inches off the ground) in order to achieve a "magazine" look. He also mentions the importance of shooting straight on, which is much more easily done when using a tripod. 

The straight-ahead photography technique is shown to great effect in this chair stencil tutorial



We all know that a white background makes objects pop, and this e-commerce blog post shows some reasonably simple ways to create a budget white or light background - like this ingenious shooting table, made using a chair a roll of craft paper! (Source: Pixc)



Groupings in photos are always pleasing to the eye - check out this striking vignette of wall decor from the Modern Masters blog.


Of course, there's nothing like a pop of unexpected color and fun camera angle to pull in your eye. Remember this wedding gift handmade doormat from Bespoke Bride? This image is fun and frivilous, and oh so appealing. 


You might recall our photography tips and tricks blog from a few months ago. Has anyone had a chance to try some of these ideas out? Join us in the comments below, Creators, and share your DIY photography challenges, as well as your tried and true techniques.