Jumbo Dice for Backyard Yahtzee

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Last summer, I was browsing one of my favorite stores and spotted a set of five large Wooden Yard Dice. I have many fond memories of playing Yahtzee with my grandparents, so I love the idea of introducing my kids to some fun dice games while playing in the yard this summer - but the $60 price tag of the dice made me do a double take! Hello DIY project inspiration!

Starting with just one ten foot piece of lumber, Rust-Oleum wood stain, and a sander, I was able to create 6 sets of yard dice for less than the price of one store bought set, allowing me to keep one for my family, while using the others as gifts for friends!

After cutting the wood into cubes, I sanded each cube until it was smooth and then applied a coat of Rust-Oleum stain in Summer Oak.

You learn something new in the course of each project - and while creating these yard dice I learned that the dots of dice are called pips. I considered lots of different ways to add the pips, finally settling on a solution that was much easier than painting, and that will also be very durable for outdoor use.

You'll find the detailed tutorial on my blog at: http://www.blueistyleblog.com/2015/06/diyYardDice.html