Dress Up Storage

Submitted to Community Chat

My daughter has asked repeatedly for me to construct a "dress up station" for my granddaughter, Madison. With six days to go before Christmas, I finally got around to building it. My funds were low and buying fancy smooth plywood or 1x12's wasn't in the picture. In the back of my mind was some ugly, dusty old plywood shelves that were stacked in the corner of my basement. After measuring and brainstorming, I was going to make these work.

Past experience has shown that my daughter re-arranges and re-decorates her home quite often. Some of my handiwork has been cast away to the basement when no longer needed. :(   I looked at numerous ideas, examples and plans of these storage bins. My plywood shelves were not long enough to encompass a top shelf. I'd make it simple but practical. The most difficult part was getting all the pieces of wood the same width without a table saw! My solution is to clamp a straight edge then saw away.  Not perfect, I have since invested in the Kreg Rip-Cut. 

I glued, screwed and clamped the parts together and made them work. See that little piece of wood inside hiding the joints that don't meet very well? I'm resourceful, it works.  After assembly and light sanding, I primed then painted. Now it was looking good and with the addition of a mirror, pink shelf & some hooks, I was nearly finished. I picked up some pink sparkly stick on letters (although I added glue) and sat down with a sigh of relief. She loves it!